Tool Storage – Why Add A Hand- Carry Toolbox To Your Collection

Homak Small Tool BoxYour work or garage space is already set up with a killer workbench, chest, or cabinet for tool storage and yet you still know those who invest in a smaller portable toolbox as well. There are multiple benefits to having a hand-carry toolbox along with your larger storage items and we can help you purchase the right one.

Homak offers hand-carry toolboxes in a variety of styles and sizes. If you need a heavier duty box that will be travelling with you to jobs or other locations, consider an industrial or steel box with metal clasps that can stand up to more wear and tear. These are great for electricians, plumbers, construction work, or if you need to take your tools with you and you don’t want to worry about tossing the box in the back of your truck when you’re done. If you are using your portable toolbox to keep smaller tools organized in your garage or those you use most frequently readily available, then you can go with something plastic or with plastic catches that doesn’t need to be quite as heavy duty.

After you decide the size and material for your toolbox it’s time to move on to organizational options. Drawers, whether singular or multiple, can serve a purpose if you need to reach items quickly and we design ours on ball bearing drawer glides, so everything moves smoothly and efficiently.

Removable lids, trays, and individual compartments are great for small hardware and we have created options that you can open directly from the top of your toolbox or internal trays that can be removed from the inside.

You also have the choice whether to go with an opaque color or something transparent to see inside your toolbox if you prefer. Fun pops of color like red, orange, or yellow help give our boxes more personality and a unique look if you prefer that over basic black.

Finally, the padlockable design on some of our boxes adds an additional layer of security if you are leaving your box in the garage overnight, need to make sure the kiddos don’t have access, or are travelling for work. Our solid and professional quality construction means you don’t have to worry about your box falling apart or breaking down while you need it.

We recognize that in some situations bigger isn’t always better, especially if you are using your hand-carry box for work or small jobs around the house and garage. Shop our hand-carry toolboxes today.

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