Proper Tool Care and Storage Can Save You Time and Money

We all know that person who invests in quality tools, uses them regularly for DIY or creative projects, but keeps those same tools out where they can rust, break, or become potential hazards to family and friends around them. Proper tool storage may seem like common sense for a professional but what about for everyone else? The truth is whether you are a professional or not, keeping your tools properly stored, cleaned, and maintained will save you time and money and make all your endeavors that much more rewarding.

Some tips for proper tool storage are:

  • Clean your tools after use. This may be the last thing on your mind if you are tired or running out of time but it’s essential to keep your tools in shape for future use. Plus, it shouldn’t take much time unless you have something extreme to clean up. A rag to wipe them off and even a little soap and water if necessary can go a long way. Compressed air, steel wool and household cleaners can be used if you need although remember to never put a power tool in water, avoid oiling unless recommended by the manufacturer and above all double check to make sure your power tools are unplugged before maintaining them.
  • Dry and properly store your tools to avoid the number one enemy: RUST. Garages, basements and other spaces you are working can have humidity issues if not properly heated or air conditioned. Storing tools out without protection as well as not properly drying after cleaning can make rust build up faster. If you store your tools out on a pegboard or shelf consider the purchase of a dehumidifier to reduce dampness or switching to a cabinet, chest or toolbox for extra protection.
  • Use proper storage containers such as tool boxes, workbenches, cabinets or chests. Homak products are designed to be easy to use, offer portability and organization, as well as increased safety for everyone who might come into your workspace. Our wide selection means that whether you are a weekend DIY tool user, mechanic, construction worker, electrician or other professional, we have the storage solution to meet your needs. Shop here to see our full line of products:

Ultimately, whether you are a recreational tool user or professional, proper storage and care can help your tools last longer, be easier to find and therefore use, keep you and everyone around you safer, as well as save you money. The longer your investment lasts the longer you can keep from purchasing a replacement while enjoying your quality items knowing they are protected and well cared for.

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