The Five Best Tool Storage Systems for Organizing Your Workshop

Helpful tips for proper maintenance

Do you often struggle to find tools in your garage or workshop when working on a project? Is your garage or workshop always cluttered and unorganized? Every home improvement project is easier when your tools are secure and organized. Organizing your tools creates a clutter-free, productive workplace. Organizing your tools is a way to prevent damage, ensuring that your tools last longer too.

Check out our five best tool storage ideas for organizing tools in your workshop or garage:

1. 24” Drawer Parts Organizer

The 24” Drawer Parts Organizer is perfect for organizing small hardware and accessories. The six-pound parts organizer, which measures 6.25 × 19.75 × 10.63, includes clear drawers and is wall mountable.

24-Drawer Parts Organizer

2. 27” Pro II Combo

The 27” Pro II Combo top chest and roller cabinet has full-length aluminum drawer pulls and a 100 lb. weight capacity for every drawer. The tool storage system is available in three colors (black, blue and red). The top chest has a storage capacity of 7,200 cubic inches, and the roller cabinet has a storage capacity of 9,115 cubic inches. So much storage space! This would make a great addition to your workshop!

27” Pro II Combo

3. 54” RS Pro Roller Cabinet with Stainless Steel Top

The 54” RS Pro Roller Cabinet with Stainless Steel Top features full-length aluminum drawer pulls and 100 lb. weight capacity. Weighing 370 lbs., this is a huge storage system with a capacity of 19,800 cubic inches. It’s available in five colors (black, blue, red, green and orange).

54” RS Pro Roller Cabinet with Stainless Steel Top

4. 72” CTS Combo

The 72” CTS Combo set includes a roller cabinet, canopy, support beams, back splash of your choice, stainless steel top and full-length aluminum drawer pulls with 100 lb. weight capacity.

72” CTS Combo

5. 18” Industrial Cantilever Toolbox

This sturdy 18” Industrial Cantilever Toolbox is a great purchase for any DIYer. The toolbox has four Individual shelves and a bottom storage space for larger tools and accessories.

18″ Industrial Cantilever Toolbox

Proper Maintenance

No matter what type of tool storage system you have or plan to purchase, you need to take the necessary steps to maintain it.

  • Clean tools. Wiping off dust and moisture from tools before placing them into your tool storage system can help prevent rust from forming on your tools. Use a dry cloth to wipe them off. If you have grime or grease on your tools, use a degreaser.
  • Wipe up wood dust. Clean off dusty tools before placing them back into the tool storage system, and wipe down the interior with a dry cloth. By not doing this, it can attract pests such as termites.
  • Lubricate often. Lubricating your tool storage system doesn’t require a lot of work. Simply spray WD-40 on any moveable parts. This can help prevent movable parts from rusting.
  • Wax and polish. Regularly waxing and polishing the exterior and interior can help prevent rust from forming. Try not to store tool storage systems in damp, cool places. If you’re keeping it in a basement or garage, make sure to use a dehumidifier to draw moisture from the air.

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The Five Best Tool Storage Systems for Organizing Your Workshop