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My husband has been saving gift money and gift cards for the past couple of years so he could finally purchase his dream tool cart. Now, to fill it up! 🙂” #Homak -Mandy H
"Had this box since the start of my apprenticeship 3 years ago. Still looks brand new as it gets polished frequently. Guys at work really surprised at the quality of the box too. Would definitely get another Homak box in the future.” -Scott Smith
"I love my new Homak box. The fit and finish are great and I love how heavy duty it was built. Thanks for making a great product." -Brian
“I decided I needed a bigger box. This one is definitely the right choice! I have enough room for all of my hand tools, air tools, and welding gear with room to spare! Thanks for a great product at an affordable price guys!” -Jimmie Brewer
“This new Homak has plenty of space and seems durable enough to last a lifetime of shop use!” -Austin Ramer
“Love my new box.“ -Donald Morgan
"Love my new box!" -Michelle
"Just got the Homak RS Pro 72" tool box and love it." -Daymian
“I just got my new homak tool cart today and got it all set up and I can’t wait to start using it all the time it’s best investment I have made and I can’t wait to get another one when I start getting into bigger jobs” -Cody
"Just bought my new Homak RS 72inch tool box and I love it so far! So much more room than my old husky box. Very happy with my purchase and your guys products! Definitely will buy more of your boxes!" -Kyle Ullenbrauck