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How to choose the right gun security for your needs

Silver First Watch large gun security safeLike any prized possession, your guns deserve to be treasured and taken care of. Unlike any prized possession, they can prove dangerous in the wrong hands—be those of a burglar or a child. Long story short, it’s important to take your gun security just as seriously as you take your gun collecting. The hard part is knowing what constitutes “good security”—especially if this is your first safe. If you’re not sure what to look for, it might seem as if all safes are created equal. They’re not. In this article, we’ll talk about some decisions you’ll want to make.


Locking mechanisms range from low-tech key and combination locks to high-tech electronic security and USB capabilities. This is the first stop on our “what-are-you-comfortable-with” tour. Where electronic locks used to be a bit scary for some, manufacturers have worked out the bugs many times over and these locks are now just as secure as their manual cousins. You may appreciate the quicker entry, or you may prefer a dial, no-frills setup.


The fire rating measurement you may see as you’re shopping for your safe is specifying how long the safe will be resistant to fire at a given temperature. You’ll want to take your budget into account and go for the longest time period of fire-resistance as the barrels of firearms will begin to trap heat as their surroundings increase in temperature.


On this point the vast majority of sources in the industry agree: buy more space than you think you need. Finding a snug nook for your brand new rifle is much more cost effective than buying an entirely new safe because you only bought one big enough for your collection at the time. However stubbornly you’re thinking “I’m not going to use that space if I buy it,” we promise those same words have been said—and regretted—before.


While they offer the best security for your gun collection, a safe may not be the way to go in some cases. Besides being an investment, they can be extremely heavy and, if you’re a fairly mobile person, moving a gun safe isn’t exactly packing light. If this is the case, you may find that a gun cabinet better suits your needs. While not quite as secure as a safe, gun cabinets provide a good amount of protection at a fraction of the price point.

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