10 Gift Ideas for DIYers

If you’re searching for gift ideas to get the DIYer, you’ve come to the right place. At Homak Manufacturing, we’ve compiled 10 perfect gifts, from workbenches to cabinets to toolboxes.
1. 59″ Industrial Steel Workbench

This large surface high-quality steel workbench, which includes a bottom shelf, is perfect for your DIYer. It’s perfect for supporting larger tools used for drilling, sawing or even painting or varnishing.

1. 59″ Industrial Steel Workbench

2. 14 ½” Pro II Side Cabinet

This great side cabinet offers storage, portability, and makes grabbing a hand tool easy. It includes full-length aluminum drawer pulls and removable ball-bearing glides in every drawer with a 100 lb. weight capacity.  Check out this great cabinet available in three different colors!

14 ½” Pro II Side Cabinet

3. 51-Piece Screwdriver Set

Every DIYer needs a screwdriver set to tackle projects in and around the house This 51-piece screwdriver set includes everything you need for your projects, including a variety of screwdrivers as well as bit extensions.

 51-Piece Screwdriver Set

4. Precision Screwdriver and Pliers Set: 16 Pieces

This versatile screwdriver and pliers set includes pliers that will assist your DIYer in gripping pipes or rods, and cutting wire. The pliers included in the set are: Precision 5” Flat Nose, 5”, End Cut, 5”, Linesman, 5” Diagonal Cut, and 5” Long Nose. These corrosion and rust- resistant carbon steel pliers are made with comfortable soft grip handles with added slip protection.

5. 24-Drawer Parts Organizer

Organizing your tools creates a clutter-free, productive workplace. Organizing your tools is a way to prevent damage, ensuring that your tools last longer too. Check out this 24-drawer parts organizer. It’s wall-mountable and great for organizing small hardware and accessories

24-Drawer Parts Organizer

6. 18″ Industrial Cantilever Toolbox

Protect your DIYers’ tools with this sturdy industrial cantilever toolbox. It includes four individual shelves for more organization and a bottom storage space for larger tools and accessories, as well as a triple clasp system for security.

18″ Industrial Cantilever Toolbox

7. 15″ Rolling Tool Bag with Handle

This versatile rolling tool bag has 22 storage pockets, as well as wheels and an extendable handle for easy transport. Composed of a durable polyester material, it includes a plastic storage box and a shoulder strap.

orange and black cloth rolling tool bag

8. 2-Door Mobile Cabinet with Pull Out Drawer

Tool cabinets like this two-door mobile cabinet have multiple drawers and wheels so you can move your entire tool collection around the garage as needed.

2-Door Mobile Cabinet with Pull Out Drawer

9. 40-Gallon Parts Washer

A parts washer is another important piece of equipment for your DIYer as it’s used to remove contaminants or debris, such as dirt, grime, oil, grease, metal chips, ink, paint, and corrosion from tools. 

40 gallon parts washer | Homak Manufacturing

10. 7-Drawer Tool Cart – 35″ RS Pro Series

The lift latch drawers of this 35” seven-drawer tool cart has full-extension gas struts support with a compartment lid. It includes a locking system with keys, as well as four 5″ x 2″ Swivel Casters (two with wheel brakes), removable 416mm ball-bearing drawer glides, and full-length, aluminum drawer pulls.

7 drawer tool cart - 35″ RS Pro Series - Homak Manufacturing

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