What to Consider When Buying Tool Storage Systems

Whether you’re looking to store tools in your home workshop or on the shop floor of your commercial business, optimizing your tool storage and organization is key to productivity and maintaining proper inventory. Ensuring you can find tools easily and conveniently also reduces frustration and leads to a more streamlined workshop environment. So what can be done to optimize tool storage? It all starts with investing in the right type of tool storage system that meets the needs and functionality of your environment. Here’s a closer look at some of the key tool storage system considerations that you should be assessing and how Homak Manufacturing’s products can help meet your goals. Have a look:

Key Tool and Storage System Considerations:

Rack, Shelving Balance

Good tool storage layouts typically strike a perfect balance between racks and shelving units. When done properly, racks and shelving units can complement each other in terms of maximizing space and making it easy to quickly locate tools and parts that are needed. Having the right amount of racks and shelves can also streamline the organization and assist with inventory.

Tool Box Cabinet Utilization

Tool box cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, from roller cabinet models that offer enhanced flexibility and maneuverability to standard tool cabinet types that remain stationary. Ranging in size from 27 inches to 72 inches, tool box cabinets are offered with a variety of features, including drawer locks, drawer liners and electric power storage. Drawer locks or locking storage systems are especially essential when it comes to the purchase of a gun cabinet. Cabinets from Homak come in various different steel thicknesses and colors and can hold up to 5,400 pounds in tool weight.

Plastic Parts Organization

Plastic bins are ideal for housing small tools for several reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason is that the bins provide good protection for these smaller items. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to store tools that are similar in size and scope together to make them easier to find. Plastic bins are also easy to store and stack, which can make them an ideal source of storage. For an added bonus, consider the purchase of a plastics parts organizer to further keep items and contents together and neatly stored.

Keep Like-Sized Tools Together

We told you in the above section how plastic bins are ideal for storing small tools. To piggyback off this point, it’s typically recommended that you keep like-sized tools stored together. This makes them easier to group and find. It can even make sense to tie certain same-sized tools together as a means of better keeping them all in one place and easier to find. Purchasing a system that is able to achieve this can prove valuable.

Labeling and Inventory

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that any storage system you purchase is easy to label and track inventory. This is especially useful in a commercial environment when having the right tools and parts in stock is essential to a company’s overall operations. Should storage systems not lend themselves well to inventory and proper labeling, then productivity is likely to be impacted. What’s more is that some tasks might be delayed or suspended while new parts are ordered, potentially taking your business offline for a number of hours or days.

Find a Homak Distributor Today

For more information on how the right tool storage solutions can help you optimize organization and efficiency in your home workshop or on the shop floor, find a Homak distributor near you! With a wide range of tool storage chests, boxes, cabs and more in stock, we have the ideal storage solution for you and your situation.

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